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. the epa launches an investigation into chevron. what the oil company did at its refinery in richmond that led to the criminal probe. the national league west champs get back on the field and where the regular-season games still matter. it looks like business as usual at this san francisco theater and we'll tell you why will is a mad rush to catch a
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show tonight. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone, i'm heather holmes, federal authoritiess have opened a criminal probe against chevron for shoveling pollution at its refinery in richmond. debora villalon in richmond. >> well, it was uncovered by the san francisco chronicle. chevron hit with a fine and epa investigation for using a pipe that skirts monitoring equipment. >> if you can't trust the person to do what they are supposed to do. >> reporter: richmond is still reeling from chevron's explosion of a corroded pipe. now this county supervisor is angry about flaring, the burning of gases into the air.
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it's a pressure release, part of refining oil. and since 2005 a process measured and recorded, but not this time. >> they had to actually turn a valve to ep it up. >> reporter: at chevron inspectors found a bypass line, allowing flaring without detection. >> when an incident like this happens we lose confidence in the facility. >> reporter: regulators didn't buy chevron's explanation. >> we weren't able to quantify the material accurately as to how much went out. >> reporter: from chevron today a statement estimating total emissions from these incidents was approximately 200 pounds of sulphur dioxide. but it's not the size, rather the perceived deception that disturbs many. >> to think that you would
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bypass that, so people won't know. that is kind of bad. >> it doesn't really matter to me whether it was criminal or careless. either way, it puts our health and our safety in danger. >> reporter: the pipe was yanked and chevron made a record fine. no word yet on if or when the epa probe will result in criminal charges. we're live in point richmond, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on the fire at chevron's richmond refinery. contra costa health department and the city of richmond plan to hold a community meeting. officials will present their latest findings on the august 6th fire. that meeting is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. at the richmond memorial auditorium. >> oakland police are investigating an overnight shooting that left one person wounded. investigators found the victim in a car at 6th and bankcroft avenues where a gunshot wound to the head.
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they think the shooting mite have happened a little over a mile way near 89th avenue. investigators reportedly say they have found alan blueford's fingerprints on a gun that oakland police say he pointed at an officer before the officer shot and killed him in myrtle beach the san francisco chronicle quotes law enforcement forces. some bloggers have claimed that police planted the gun. some people protesting the shooting shut down the city council meeting on tuesday. authorities have released the name of a man killed at sfo when the service truck he was driving hit a private jet parked on the north side of the airport. the truck driver was 60-year- old u zaw aung of daly city. it happened on the service road saturday. airport officials say they are still investigating just what led to that crash. now to our continuing
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coverage on the police shooting that sparked protests in san francisco's mission district. a community meeting is set for tomorrow morning to discuss the violence. thursday's shooting spawned vandrallism during a protest in the mission on friday night. investigators say when police tried to question a suspected gang member he pulled a tec-9 semi-automatic gun and that is when officers shot and wounded him. >> we'll bring to light certain facts about the officer- involved shooting, we'll also have the opportunity for anybody from the community that has questions to have their questions answered. >> the town hall meeting is set for 11:30 at cornerstone church in san francisco. police in placer county shot a man during a domestic violence call. when he got into a feet with one officer, another shot unkilled him. neighbors say police warned the man several times. >> we heard him yelling get
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your hands out your pocket and get on the ground. they must have yelled it eight or nine times and they had do it or we'll shot and then shot. >> i heard get down, get down and three shots and that was the end of it. >> police are not yet released the man's name. the police officers have been put on routine administrative leave. the principal of a elementary school has been reportedly arrested on drug charges. san josi mercury news quotes investigators that the principal was involved in drug trafficking and allegedly offered drugs to an undercover police officer. authorities say they arrested davis at a call trayn station and searched his home, where they say they founta quarter ounce of methamphetamine. after nearly half-century of showing motion pictures a theater is going down. where the final showing at
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lumiere is tonight. >> reporter: they snapped photos the lumiere. >> i just hate to see it go. >> reporter: built in 1967, the polk street institution will close after its final showing tonight. >> we have seen so many great small films here. one of my all-time favorites "my own private idaho" we saw here. >> reporter: there there was no notification on the doors or the website, so darrell bush should thought he had plenty of time to see the aptly named "kept a lights on." >> i have seen all the reviews and interested in seeing it. >> reporter: do you know that today is your last day to see it here? >> i did not know that. i am very sad by that. i can't believe it. >> reporter: he was not the only one caught off-guard. the five employees learned just last week that the theater was closing. no one is losing a jab, but some say they are losing a home away from home. employees will now work at other theaters owned by landmark. the company that has operated
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the lumiere since 1991. it recently lost its lease and could not come to terms with the landlord. >> it's kinding of a fading institution, just another example of all of these things that we really value that are disappearing. i want to remember them. >> reporter: fans of lumiere say they know it's not the end of the world, but the for them it feels like the end of an era. in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco's landmark comedy club the purple onion is closing its doors for good tomorrow night after a comedy marathon. the owners say they have lost their lease and that everything in the club will be auctioned off tuesday morning. since it opened back in 1952 the purple onion has provided' stage to the early careers of some of the biggest names in comedy, including phyllis diller, woody allen and the smother broker brothers. giants clinched the national league west title with a victory over the san diego padres and the celebration followed.
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the two teams played again today with the regular players taking most of the game off. the giants lost to the padres, 6-4. how the giants do in last few days of the regular season will help determine which team they face-first in the playoffs. >> meanwhile the a's began the day 2395 games infront of the angels for the second wild-card slot in the american league. after losing to the yankees 10- 9 in 14 innings yes the a's beat the yankees today, 5-4. the angels beat the white sox to stay 2.5 back of the a's. we'll have highlights on both games coming up in our early edition of sportswrap. and our sports coverage continues on, just click on "the bay area sports" tab and you can find viewer photos of giants clincher yesterday offer "hot topics." for those at the ballpark today in san francisco, boy it was if any place out there. let's gets get a check of your forecast with meteorologist mark tamayo. >> we had some fog this morning, but the clouds cleared back to the coast. so as a result, lots of sunshine for most of the bay
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area today. the first full day of fall. you can see some of the fog still hugging parts of shoreline on live stormtracker 2 and also you may have noticed the high clouds moving through parts of the area this afternoon. there is the fog from half moon bay, pacifica, san francisco up to the marin headlands as well. as far as current numbers just updated it for the 15:00 5:00 hour, warmest locations in the 70s. talking about the fog, we have this layer of warm air up above us and it's also compressing that marine layer. as a result we have a shallow marine layer, pretty dense out there. as a result just be extra careful near the immediate coastline tonight through tomorrow morning. first thing tomorrow morning you can see overnight lows in 40s to 50s. isn't rose, napa, 45-47 degrees, antioch around 53 degrees as well. you can pick out in satellite
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and radar we do are have a batch of high clouds across central california and a weather system to our north. coming up in a few minutes the impact that weather system will have on our temperatures for tomorrow and temperatures will soon be warming up, coming up, i let you know when 90-degree heat could return to parts the bay area. >> bart had some mother delays on the fremont line. overnight service blocked service between uunion city and bay fair. everything was up and running through that area around 9:0. green day front man billie joe armstrong has check mood rehab for substance-abuse. this comes after the 40-year- old bay area native smashed his guitar and began spewing profrannities at the iheart music festival in las vegas. as you can see, he is not happy and apparently angry that the band's set was being cut short. armstrong was hospitalized in italy earlier this month for an
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undisclosed illness. a race with international flair here at sonoma. why this was the first of its kind event in the u.s.. the race for the white house getting more intense. the big issues at the center of president obama's and mitt romney's campaigns today. l. plus high honors for a stanford professor. the research that earned him an ig-nobel prize. you got this, righ i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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ñsxóxgñ sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. . an overnight single car crash in palo alto sent several people to the hospital early this morning. the highway patrol says the car was traveling north on highway 101 just before 3:00 a.m., when it went off the highway and into the bushes near the san antonio road off-ramp. there is no word on the extent of the injuries or what caused that crash. the sonoma raceway has hosted a lot of events over the years, but today's races with a first. alex savidge is live to tell us about the international sport that has finally come to the u.s. >> the hot topic at sonoma was
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the world touring car championship. this is a sport with a huge following around the world, but they have never raced here in the u.s. until this afternoon and fans loved their first look. right from the start these drivers were fighting for position. several cars were tangled up coming into the first turn. these crashes and spinouts are part of what fans love. these two were glad to is he a touring car race finally come to the u.s. >> you see these on tv all of the time and now they are here. >> he wishes he would be out there. [ laughter ]. >> reporter: does he drive like that sometimes? >> yes, he does. [ laughter ] >> reporter: these touring cars have familiar names, but they have a few upgrades of course and these drivers are from around the world. james nash is from the uk. >> we go around the world and we have missed out on this place for so long and it's the biggest area we should embrace. >> reporter: sonoma raceway is ideal for the touring car championship because it's a road-course with lots of twists and turns of
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these drivers don't do ovals recently i got to ride shotgun in one of these touring cars for a nerve-wrack, lap across the course. they don't seem to slow down for the turns. race organizers estimate around 25,000 people turned out today. more than they expected for the event's first spin here in the u.s. >> people have to learn about this race. i think it's very good to start at beautiful sonoma. >> reporter: next up for these drivers their cars and equipment will all be packed into the shipping containers and sent off to japan for their next race next month, but they are will be back here in sonoma for their circuit for the next two years. live this afternoon at the sonoma raceway. alex savidge, ktvu . electric car owners plugged
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in today for one-of-a-kind car show in san francisco. hundreds of nissan leaf owners charged up at crissy field for the second annual national plug- in day. fans of the car say electric vehicles are economic, as well as fun to drive and good for the environment. >> it's kind of like you think of the preprius people saying i'm a tree-uger and i'm hugging the trees even more than you. >> reporter: representatives from nissan were on hand offering tips to drivers and looking for feedback on how to improve future models of the vehicle. in election news 2012 on this sunday, the campaigns gear up for swings through the crucial swing states. 44 days now before the election. mitt romney is brushing off a tough week and criticism from his own party. steve centanni reports from washington. >> reporter: mitt romney has launched a week of intense campaigning in three of the battleground states where the race for the white house will be decided of the tonight it's colorado for a rally at a denver high school. and then a three-day bus tour
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of ohio, followed by a stop in virginia. the candidate forging ahead amid calls from some republicans that his campaign needs a turnaround. in an interview on cbs, he says his campaign is moving in the right direction and "didn't need a tariq abdul-wahad." while the g.o.p. chairman acknowledged some difficulty over the leaked romney video, he also sees a silver lining. >> i think we can look back at last weeks a campaign in a couple of months and say this was the defining week in both campaigns, where i think both campaigns are crystallizing around a central theme, which is going to be what kind of future do we want for our kids and grandkids? >> reporter: president obama is planning his own time to ohio later in the week after visiting the un tomorrow and tuesday. today a top obama campaign advisor criticized romney over his comments in the leaked video, which romney acknowledged they were
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inelegant. >> what is the elegant way of saying 47% of people in this country are moochers and don't care about their place in life and take responsibility? >> both sides gearing up for the first of three presidential debates. in washington, steve centanni, fox news. president obama and mitt romney face off at the university of denver a week from wednesday. that debate will focus on domestic issues primarily the economy. the vice-presidential candidates debate in kentucky on october 11th, followed be a town hall-style meeting the presidential nominees on october 16 nw new york. and there will be a final debate with foreign policy as the focus in florida on october 22nd. after sarah palin's advice to go rogue he took more advice today from governor scott
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walker. >> americans want a fighter, who shows that this guy, mitt romney is going to fight for the american people when he gets into office. he is not going to be on his heels and he is going to move forward. he has a great plan and needs more of an opportunity to get behind these sidebar issues. >> president obama is pooling ahead among likely voters in wisconsin as well as in colorado and iowa. in a poll out today, mr. obama is in a dead heat with romney in florida. the november election already has some wonderrering about who will run for pres president in 2016 and many suspect secretary of state hillary clinton will throw your hat in the ring. ahead, what bill clinton is saying about his wife's plans. josh fattal celebrated his freedom at an occupy event in new york. he offereds had reflections on sending 781 days in a jail cell. >> obviously, i'm feeling good, but it is not easy to
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transition. it's really not easy. it's drama and a lot of people experience drama, but mine was a very prolonged, systematic enduring trauma and it's hard to come out of there. >> on september 2911, fattal and shane bauer reunited with their families and the third hiker, sarah shourd who was freed on humanitarian grounds. bauer and shourd got engaged while many prison and married shortly after their reunion. outrage over the anti-muslim film reaches subways and why transportation officials say they will not be taking them down. plus rescue and recovery, the latest on the efforts underway following a deadly avalanche in the himalayan mountains. . there is always going to be a market for cheap, other options. plus experts reveal apple's weaknesses that could give an advantage to competing companies.
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. in pakistan more anti- american protests today in response to that anti-islam video produced in california. yesterday a pakistani cabinet member offered a $100,000 bounty for the death of those who made the film of the pakistani government has denounced reward. demonstratations left 21 people dead. police used tear gas and live
5:25 pm
rounds to fight back protesters who police say attacked shops and tried to reach western embassy. s in all 50 people have died in protests around the the world limped to that film glitch controversial advertisement posted on san francisco buss is now scheduled to appear in new york's subway system tomorrow. here is a look at ad that reads, "in any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. support israel, defeat jihad." >> if you really want to make a change, the idea should be effective change, not just expression of anger and frustration. >> the ads were purchased by a member of the stop islamization of america organization. new york's subway authority tried to block posting the ads, but the group sued and a judge sided with, citing 1st amendment and free speech rights. in news of the world, from
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nepal, news of a deadly avalanche that killed at least nine hikers and left six others missing. the avalanche hit a team of international climbers at 23,000' as they were preparing to head to the summit of mount manaslu. rescue pilots reported that they had seen bodies on the slopes, but had to halt their efforts because of poor weather. in tbilisi, georgia, on tuesday the national channels broadcast video of prisoners apparently beaten and sexually abused by guards. a former georgian jailer leaked the videos and claims that the atrocities were aimed at enemies of president. in brazil a truck driver has a story to tell tonight. check this out. this is how his truck looked after he hit the brakes to
5:27 pm
avoid hitting a car thats is stopped suddenly. fortunately the driver was able to stay inside the cabin of the truck until a passerby rescued him using a rope. a pair of fishermen offer the coast of maui found a huge doke apparently from the japanese tsunami debris floating. the u.s. notified fishermen and state and federal officials are trying to determine if it's from last year's tsunami. still to come a recap of today's top stories and experts weigh in on apple's success and they say it would be difficult, but not impossible for other tech companies to compete. >> and former president bill clinton speaking out about his wife and her future aspirations and the possibility of hillary running for the white house. awesome southern california
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prepares for carmageddon the xcel. the new ktvu app is ready to download and get drive time traffic, bay area weather and video of the breaking news anytime, anywhere.
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. recapping our top stories for you on this sunday, a new investigation has reportedly begun into the chevron refinery in richmond. the san francisco chronicle reports that the environmental protection agency is conducting a criminal probe. epa says the refinery has been
5:31 pm
routing pollutants around monitoring equipment. san francisco police plan a community meeting tomorrow morning after officers shot and wounded a man in the mission district on thursday night. that shooting sent off a violent protest friday night. and it's the last picture show at a popular movie house in san francisco tonight. after nearly half a century of showing movies, the silver screen at the lumiere will light up one last time this evening before it goes dark for good. theater says its lease is not being renewed. apple is look at possible record weekend sales of its new iphone 5. customers lined up around the world since the phone's in-store debut and apple might not be able to keep up with the demand. it has already pushed back delivery dates for some iphones ordered on-line. demand for the new iphone continues to push shares of apple higher with some wondering if there is anything that can can derail the cupertino company's success? consumer investigator tom vacar spoke to some who say apple is
5:32 pm
indeed unique. >> reporter: experts say apple creates elegant hardware, easy to use software and all the goodies to run them on. other competitors concentrate on just one thing, usually hardware and that allows consumers to switch to often less expensive hardware, not applept. >> if you continue to deliver the added value for your ecosystems, that is what is going to keep a consumer loyal to you. >> reporter: that is what makes it harder to switch from apple's ecosystem. >> i think as they continue to own the user experience, it's theirs to create that stickiness that makes it really hard to leave that ecosystem. >> reporter: apple often replaces its products because, "apple never accepts what it has is good enough. being with to kill your existing product if there is something better you can rate." what could trip apple up is someone creating a hardware-
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software ekeo system at a lower price. >> to create self-reinforcing consumer demand on the back of the content distribution model that amazon brings to the market is very, very similar to apple's. >> there salsa going to be a market for cheep, cheap, other options. >> reporter: another is stale ui, user interface. the analysts say that is unlikely to happen because apple is completely aware of it and never rests on its laurels. i'm consumer editor, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. bay area drivers can anticipate a break at the gas pump, but not quite yes. lundberg survey finds the average of $3.00 across the u.s., but the first nationwide dip in several weeks. this weekend triple-a reports local prices of $4 about the are 25 a gallon in san francisco, $4.17 in oakland and $4.1 in san josi, up about
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$0.01 from a week ago. more election 2012 news, both the romney and obama campaigns are concerned about apathy among voters, worried that they will stay home on november 6th and swing states, such as virginia, they are signing up voters not only at rallies, but at school nights, libraries and barbershops. >> we have one of the best operations in virginia. we have registered and made contact with over 300,000 people just in the last week, and 150,000 just last weekend alone. the deadline for registration here in california is coming up on october 22nd. california secretary of state now offers on-line registration. thousands ever voters signed up last week when the website made its debut. some wondering who will run for president in 2016? washington pundits asked bill clinton if his wife hillary might run, but the former president not speculate about her future aspirations. >> i just don't know.
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she is an extraordinarily able person. i never met anybody that i thought was a better public scorchant, but i have no earthy idea what she will decide to do. secretary of state hillary clinton ran against barack obama for the presidential nomination. the newborn panda greeted with such enthusiasm across the nation has died. cub was born last week at washington's national zoo. its mother is seen here cradling it. zookeepers found the cub dead this morning after hearing sounds of distress from here. veterinarians don't have details on how the cub died. newborn pandas are very small, delicate and often at-risk forever infections. scientists announced today they have discovered a possible link between breasts and ovarian cancers of researchers say the discovery suggests women with triple negative
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cancers would likely do better on a much less toxic chemotherapy regimen. triple negative tumors account for 15-20% of all breast cancers. the city of san francisco report thely plans to clear out a homeless encampment near the caltrain station. the catalog on homelessness says people at the encampment have received noticed to leave. that same encampment was cleared out last month and notice say city crews will move in at 8:30 tomorrow morning to clear people out and remove items left behind and warn that police are cite anyone who do not leave. also in san francisco jury selection is scheduled to begin in the criminal of former lab technician who was accused of stealing drugs from the facility. >> the whole foods grocery chain has reportedly backed out of a project to build a retail
5:37 pm
center and senior housing on university of california property in albany. the site is not far from the gill track where protesters took over a plot of land used by uc berkeley for agricultural research. in a statement quoted by the daily california newspaper whole foods cited oi years of delays in bringing the project to reality." it says several lawsuits would have also delayed the project. uc is looking for a new anchor business for that site. 12 years ago the contra costa county supervisors moved to stop the roddy ranch project on land south of antioch. now rodeo star and cattle rancher jack roddy is apparently moving to resurrect the project. he wants to build 574 luxury homes on lands that now fall within the jurisdiction of the city of antioch. city officials want to make sure that all the proper reports are done and that the project would be carried out properly. oakland's eat raffle festival wrapped up just a few
5:38 pm
minutes ago in jack london square. if you didn't have an opportunity to check out, the event celebrates fresh food from local, sustainable ingredients and nothing sells for more than $5 a plate. more than 150,000 people were expected at this year's event. there is an important road closure you need to know about if you plan on driving down to los angeles this coming weekend. starting midnight saturday september 29th caltrans will do work on very busy 405 freeway. both sides of 10-mile stretch of 405 will be closed for 53 hours while crews finish demolishing the mulholland bridge. it was the same road that was closed last summer and dubbed carmageddon. it's said to re-open monday, october 1st. why did the poppy tail go side to side?
5:39 pm
so i studied that question. >> last night stanford professor joseph keller demonstrated how he won the coveted ig-nobel prize for physics and his question was about ponytail as dorning stanford students that led to a long chain of modeling and experiments. his team helped to create equations to explain why the students jog up and down, but their ponytails sway from side to side. i guess we have to look it up to find out why. >> i guess so. still to come a san francisco tradition that is not so traditional. the event that brought thousands of leather-clad people out to the city today. and cooler weather is on the way. just in time for the workweek. channel 2 meteorologist mark tamayo back with his tan will tell us how much cooler it will get with his complete bay area forecast.
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. thousands of exhibitingists and few people just plain curious came to san francisco's folsom street fair today. the event started back in 1984 and known as the world's largest leather festival. there st. louis reason why. held in the last sunday in september, the event draws crowds from all over the world. >> it's kind of a little crazy how it's evolved over time. it's just changed with the nature of the community, and kind of what people are expecting and wanting out of it. i mean, i think it's an opportunity for people to kind of live out their fantasies for a day. >> the fair has grown as a non- profit event and raises thousands of dollars every year for various bay area charities. i guess leather would be something that you would want to wear. it was a little cooler today. >> always good to -- what do we say? dress in layers. >> yes. >> we'll hold onto that pattern as we head into monday.
5:43 pm
these are minor changes in the weather department. looking out towards san francisco bay, clear skies up above, but there is that fog bank. it has been stubborn near the coast. right now on the maps you can see on live stormtracker 2, there you can pick out some of the fog from half moon bay, pacifica, san francisco, closer to parts of the marin headlands as well. here are the buoys and you will notice this, the waves, we have been watching those. they are up around 5', but as we head into monday a big swell is moving in and as a result, be extra careful need the immediate shoreline, we could have waves eeasily topping 10'. tomorrow just a touch cooler and then the extended forecast, a bitz of a warming trend. you will see that showing up in the five-day forecast. as far as the temperatures from this afternoon, they range a bing range from the upper 50s,
5:44 pm
58 in pacifica. 70s around the bay. warmest locations inland, it's hot, 70s to 80s to 90s. this area of low pressure and we typically point to an area of low pressure we're talking about rain. this is heading towards eastern nevada, but for tomorrow the rain stays to the east. a little bi cooler we'll shave off a few degrees. with a northerly breeze it might mix up some of the fog from the north to the south. a few high clouds in the meantime and tomorrow morning, still some areas of fog coast id and then into the afternoon hours the eventual temperature range from the lower 60s. this orange contour links up with the 80s. a little bit cooler across most spots as we head into monday. forecasted highs, santa rosa 83 and fairfield 86 and around the rim of the bay, upper 60s to
5:45 pm
lower 70s. brentwood, 89 and antioch, 88 degrees. san josi tops out 79 and gilroy in the mid-80s. be extra careful need the need coastline with the fog and increased surf. pacifica tops out 62 and san francisco right round 64 degrees. temperatures basically continue holding steady into tuesday and maybe just down a degree or two for wednesday. we're talking about the warming temperatures, thursday, and by friday, warmest locations inland around the 90-degree markment with your weekend always in view, we're going to keep things on the warm side for both saturday and sunday. typically as we talk about fall it's our summertime in the bay area and those temperatures will warm up in the long-range. >> thank you, mark. a toy train owned by a 4- year-old boy took a trip into
5:46 pm
outer space an it's all documented on youtube. here we go, the video, a toy train in space has been viewed more than 560,000 times. he is tied to a weather balloon that is equipped with a small camera. the boy's father shot the video. the train was recovered 27 miles from its launch site, found in a cornfield. how about that? coming up the 49ers face the vikings and it isn't pretty. the raiders look for their first win of the year as they take on the steelers. spots wrap is next we get that a lot... let me put you on webcan... see? hearty vegetables... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth that tastes indulgent -- but isn't... so feel free to enjoy a bowl anytime. mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our early sunday edition of the sportswrap. today the raiders and steelers add another chapter to their long and storied rivalry. oakland never led in today's game, until the final second and one of the self-raiders with a long time love-hate relationship with the late al davis, marcus allen. darren mcfadden finds a hole and out races defenders for the career- high touchdown. 7-7. carson palmer with his first pass of the game intercepted, but he regroups. steelers still led 17-14 at the
5:50 pm
halftime. steelers led in the 3rd. ben roethlisberger with three touchdown passes. antonia brown recovers it and gets the touchdown, 31-21 pittsburgh. here is the play that will be replayed by the nfl. this was a violent hit that never got flagged. replacement referee did not charge the penalty. a helmet-to-helmet hit. darrius heyward-bey was knocked unconscious, but managed a hand gesture. he is being treated for a neck injury. three plays later, palmer to denarius moore. 31-28 pittsburgh. oakland's defendant r defense hold its ground. raiders win 34-31 the first victory for head coach dennis allen. carson palmer 23 for 33 after that interception.
5:51 pm
209 yards, three touchdowns, mcfadden ran for 118 yards. thises with an emotional come back victory for the silver and black and the good news, it was in front of their fans. >> the 49ers are on top of most experts power ranking list, but today minnesota beat them at their own game, combining solid defense with ball-controlling offense and just won the battle of the turnovers. coach harbaugh didn't like what he saw today. 15 plays, 80-yard drive, 7 minutes and 40 seconds long capped by christian ponder's toss to rudolf. rudolph. minnesota clearly has san francisco's defense out of sink -- sync and they had led at
5:52 pm
halftime. smith to vernon davis, 17-13, i think i smell comeback, but no. ponder to rudolf again. that is how you beat san francisco, 24-13. niners were called for ten penalties, minnesota got flagged just once today. they had three turnovers to the vikings 2. minnesota 7 for 13 on 3rd down conversions. 49ers will stay in ohio to prepare for their game against the jets. raiders visit denver next sunday. san diego looks like the class of the afc west, but today they looked very, very beatable. and the atlanta falcons love to
5:53 pm
go to san diego for more than the sunshine. falcons are 6-0 all-time in san francisco. matt ryan to future hall-of- famer tony gonzalez. undefeated atlanta wins 27-3. also kansas city needs overtime, but the chiefs win their first game and keep the bounty-gate saints winless. >> cardinals join the houston and atlanta as the only 3-0 team. also dallas wins its home depot opener. chicago beats the rams, cincinnati's andy dalton outperforms robert griffin iii and bengals win. jacksonville comes back to beat the colts, buffalo snaps it's 8- game losing streak and baltimore hosts new england, it's 3-0 with the patriots leading.
5:54 pm
the oakland a's have a single -digit magic number, 8. the a's hold off the yankees in new york. cliff pennington was the offensive hero. he hits the pitch and sends it out, 2-run homer for pennington. pennington provides the game-winning rbi single. josh donaldson scores. they head to texas to play four game with the rangers. giant fans came to watch a baseball game that met very little in the bigger scheme of things after clinching the national league west division yesterday. the energy just wasn't there, the meaning wasn't there and the padres mark kotsay makes it 5-3. san diego snaps the giant's 6-game-winning streak, 6-4, but nobody cares and nobody got hurt. they host arizona on
5:55 pm
tuesday. one of the aw-shucks guys takes home a check worth $11 million in golf today. we'll tell you who and how, next.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a lot of people thought the fedex championship would be all about tiger woods and rory mcilroy, but both shot over par and never really challenge. while brandt snedeker put his name on the $10 million check, plus another one for a lousy $1.4 million. he started tied for the lead with dustin rose, but brandt snedeker was the only one in the final five twosomes to shoot under par. on 17, perhaps his greatest and most important shot in his career, the chip for birdie. you have to like this. brandt snedeker with a final round 6 to win the tour championship for $1.4 million and the season-long fedex cup
5:58 pm
for $10 million and that nice trophy. denny hamlin wins in new hampshire and jimmie johnson still the sprint cup leader. both the raiders win on the last-second and niners lose in minnesota. a's win to cope their playoff hope as live and we'll have an update on darrius heyward-bey as he was taken to the hospital with a neck injury. and those replacement officials, something has to be done. >> missing' lot of stuff out there. >> our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. >> we talked to the department of justice and the school district about the drug charges against the educator. that is all youth tonight at 10:00, thank you so much, nor trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we're always here for you on-line at and mobile ktvu. >> see you back here.
5:59 pm

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